Earth Day Hooters

We LOVE hooters. 
Well, our first graders LOVE hooters. 
They told us today. 
Some actually shouted, 
"Oh my goodness! I LOOOOOVE hooters." 

We didn't even care about the shouting out like we normally do, but who yells, "I love hooters!" in first grade? 

Perhaps, we should explain?
 Today we completed our I Give a Hoot Earth Day Owl Craftivity.
 Oh, no...It gets better...
 You can grab our Earth Day Owl Craftivity and tons of other Earth Week activities in our We Love the Earth resource.
That's better, but still not what we wanted to tell you...
About hooters.

As we were working through our Earth Day brainstorming session, we were feeling oh so eco friendly about our lesson.
We talked about  
and yes, yes...wait for it...
even Recycling.
The teacher angels were clapping their cans together from Heaven, we know it.  
And, by cans we really mean cans...aluminum recycable cans...not hooters...just in case you were thinking that was the hooter story. 
It's not.

It just sort of happened so fast we are still sitting here recycling the day's events...

You know there's always one Smartypants in the bunch.
One "higher level thinker" to say it in complete teacher code...
You know...Yes, that one...

They ask the questions you pretend to know the answer to smartly reply with a quick and witty,
"Well, that is a wonderful question my friend...What do you think?"
But, not today.

"Um, what type of owl is this we're making exactly?"

Teacher Thought:
Um, a super cute construction paper owl with cupcake liner eyes that I dashed out to Target for late last night and somehow accidentally spent $230 on. They were only $1.39. 
I'm not so good at Reducing...

Teacher Response: 
"Um, well that is a wonderful question...What do you think?"

Smarty McSmartypants:
"Well, actually it is a grey horned nocturnal hoot owl."

Teacher Thought:
A grey-horned who owl? Huh?!? 
And, a nocturnal owl?  
This kid really knows their stuff.
 And here we thought it was a construction paper owl with cute cupcake liner eyes that I spent $230 on...accidentally.

Teacher Reality: 
"Um, well that is a wonderful observation. 
I think this one may just a hoot owl. I made it up. It's fiction."

Boy 1 with sonar bat hearing from across the entire classroom:
"Oh, it's a hoot owl?"

Teacher Thought:
Where the heck did Bat Boy come from?

Boy 2 (Must be speaking in sonar with Bat Boy 1 because last time Teacher checked Bat Boy 2 was fiddling with his crayons and had not a care in the world about any hooting of any kind):
"Oh, I LOVE Hooters!"

Teacher Thought:
Oh, hooters...yep, those get their attention...


Boy 3 (Who seriously just walked in from obtaining something from his backpack...Must have x-ray hearing or something):
"Oh, me too! Hooters are the best!"

Teacher Thoughts:
Calgon? Like a Good Agent...State Farm are you there?

Girl 1 (Just joining the Hooter Hoopla, we think):
Hooters is sooo good!

The restaurant...

We were so relieved to learn they recently opened a new one in our town, much to the disgruntled townsfolk, but apparently they have really great wings!
Apparently they are also really good at reducing. 
One of the Bat Boys mentioned they wear really "small shirts". 
 Just then, were saved by the bell...
We had a fire drill. 
And, at that very moment, though it wasn't the recess bell we were truly yearning for, it was a bell...
An ear deafening, mouth quieting bell that saved our hooters.

If you love Hooters too (or even if you don't), our "I Give a Hoot" Earth Day Craftivity doesn't really care and neither do we. 

We are just clapping our cans together that we don't have to teach human growth and development tomorrow
And, apparently we've found a new place that's great for its "wings"...and Reducing efforts.
 This hooter pretty much sums up our day...Leave it to the teacher first graders to take a lesson from treasure to trash and back again in less time than it takes diapers to decompose in a landfill.

Be sure to check out our  "I Give a Hoot" Earth Day Owl Craftivity in our TpT Shop and see how much your class loves hooters too.
Fluttering Through First Grade


  1. OMG--too hilarious!! Awfully cute hooters,too--thanks for sharing!!

  2. These are too cute! I will be using these next year, since we didn't
    have school today or Monday. Thanks for sharing! Jackie

  3. Those are adorable!!!! And, too funny!!!!
    I wish I could have been a hooter on the wall hearing it whilst it happened!
    Hugs - Lisa
    Growing Firsties

  4. Oh my goodness that is awesome. I am cracking up over here. And I love Hooters too, and by that I mean your little owls. ;) Thank you for the freebie!

    First Grade Wolves

  5. Oh my goodness, that was hilarious! I was cracking up! And I love the freebie as well. Thank you!

    Blooming In First

  6. Love your hoot owls, but love the stories even more. LOL Fun stuff girlies!

  7. OMG I've missed so much! HILARIOUS ladies! Absolutely hilarious!

  8. This is the FUNNIEST.POST.EVER!!!!!!! I LOVED it! So glad I haven't had to talk about "hooters" at school, but my youngest has been pretty interested in her own. Maybe we need a trip to the Cincinnati Zoo's Cat Canyon (there's a GIANT owl as soon as you walk in the door). :)


  9. I love that story! It is so true to life about what goes on in a first grade classroom almost everyday. You never know what they are going to say OR what they will ask. BTW, love the craft, too!


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