Wonderful Weather

Our Southern California weather is a funny thing...
You might already be laughing and asking yourself, 
"Weather? You have weather?!?"

Contrary to popular belief, it does drizzle rain in Southern California. 
And snow. 
And earthquake.
Don't worry. 
We know earthquakes aren't weather. 
But, you've got to give us Californians something.
We've been orphaned by Mother Nature...we don't have much.

And, we have to admit, we do get slightly jealous of all these so called, "Snow Days" as some of you call them...We have no idea what they even are, but we know they involve snow and days off school...Both sound wonderful to us!
 Since our big first grade "Wonderful Weather" performance last Friday , we've been strutting our Meteorologist minds in class by working through our Wonderful Weather Unit for the Common Core Classroom.

Building essential academic vocabulary and hands on activities helps all of our students gain a better understanding of these abstract weather concepts.  

And, by "abstract" we mean non-existent. As in, no weather for us to point to, reflect upon...Nothing. Honest. Have you ever taken your class outside for a wonderful cloud lesson only to find not a cloud in the sky? We have. 
And, no jet exhaust does not pass as clouds. We've tried. 

We've revamped this unit a bit and added several pages, so if you've already purchased be sure to update your file and enjoy the new extended, Common Core aligned version. 

Wonderful Weather includes 21 pocket chart friendly vocabulary picture cards. 

 5 pre-made Weather Bingo cards for reinforcing weather vocabulary words and definitions in a small group. 
After lots of practice with our vocabulary cards and pre-made Bingo cards, we also create our own Weather Bingo cards. It helps us strengthen the vocabulary by writing and illustrating our own playing cards. It has been great for our English Language Learners too.

We place these in our centers rotations at first, then allow them to play independently as time allows. Towards the end of our unit, we will play whole class as a culminating, "fun" activity. They also love switching cards with their friends and playing various versions like four corners, diagonal only, or cover 'em all.

We realize it cannot be all fun and games, so we've also included several other activities to blow them through the curriculum.
We will write five narrative stories about why we love each type of weather, including a descriptive story about our favorite weather. We've included writing pages for each story and both full color and printer friendly book covers for binding or bulletin board posters for story display in class.
Our class loves mini books! 
They keep them in a bag inside their desks to read each day in class. 
They love writing them, illustrating them, and reading them to themselves and each other
We've added a Wonderful Weather interactive mini book to help put our vocabulary into action.
This mini book guides most of our weather instruction and takes about 2 weeks to get through, but could take as long as you want.
We use each page to guide our day's lesson and focus their attention on a particular part of our weather learning. 
It's wonderful! 

There are also some vocabulary activities and a surprise science experiment at the end! 

You can take a closer peek in our TpT shop by clicking the picture below.
So we're curious...
What's the weather like where you live? 
And, are Snow Days as awesome as they seem...
Please tell us jealous Californians...  


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  1. That looks like a super cute package!
    Yes! Snow days are fun. We get them occasionally in Victoria BC. Not because it snows a lot here, but because the snow, when it arrives, is usually wet and heavy (not the lovely dry fluffy stuff) and no one around here knows how to drive in it. Lots of people don't bother with snow tires and none of the side streets get graded. So it's kind of a zoo!
    Grade ONEderful
    Ruby Slippers Blog Designs

  2. Your weather unit looks great. We are also from Southern California and completely know what you mean about the weather. I was complaining about the rain we're supposed to get this week and it just reminds me of how spoiled we are!

    The REAL Teachers of Orange County

  3. i'm from good ol' pasadena, ca. i think snow days have to be made up/tacked on. if true, i would rather get the days over with. the sooner my vacation, the better. : ) vhair61215@gmail.com

  4. Love it!!! We figure out the weather every morning during calendar time and my class always choose "warm" temperature...lol

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  6. I am crossing everything I can that we get our first snow day tomorrow here in Cincinnati since the "white death" is headed our way! :) We've only had a few delays this year which just throws everyone off.... me included. :) Snow days really stand for JAMMIE DAYS in our house!!!!!!


  7. Your packet looks wonderful! I am in central CA. No snow here but we do have fog.

  8. We are SO spoiled. Saturday was beyond awesome and the rest of this week...not so much! hahaha
    Your weather pack, as always, looks super fabulous!


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