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We're linking up with Teacher to the Core for this month's Highs and Lows.

Christy's High: 
Getting 23 people's crazy schedules together to celebrate her hubby's parent's 50th Wedding Anniversary! Such great family time! 

Christy's Low:
In a week's span, we had 2 living wax museum presentations, 1 women in history report and speech, and 2 science fair experiments and presentations. That's 7 days people. This is when having twins hurts double!
Saturday brought 7 different sporting events. Not to mention that I wasn't even around (bless my hubby) because of the So Cal Bloggy Meet Up {read about it here}. The planning part of getting everything arranged was no small feat!

Tammy's High:
My family took a much needed day away at a local gem we just discovered! We sat. We laughed. The kids ran the grounds, playing soccer and paddle boating the day away. It was wonderful. 
My son, who has been obsessed with the show Man Vs. Food, kept us all laughing by instigating his own calamari eating competition. It was his first time trying the full octopus body kind with the tentacles and head, not the rubbery ring kind, or whatever you call it. Something his Mom will NEVER do, but he did it, plugged nose and all. It was well worth the $1 bribe from his Grandad...
And bragging rights.  
 Tammy's Low:
The newly remodeled home we purchased 9 years ago isn't really so newly or remodeled anymore.
Within days of each other, we had a major plumbing, then electrical problem.
The electrical problem happened when I was vacuuming.
Some see this as a problem.
I see this as a complete solution. 
Vacuuming should never be done again.

The plumbing problem happened when my Hubby was doing the dishes.
 Yes, he does dishes and I love him for it because I defriended the dishes ages ago.
Except, this problem gave him the cuh-razy idea that it was because he was doing the dishes and if I were doing them it wouldn't have happened. That is just crazy talk...Back me up people. 

There you have it!
Our Highs & Lows.

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  1. Oh Tammy! I laughed out loud about your view of vacuuming! I am sorry about the electrical problems though. :-(

    Teaching Little Miracles

  2. Sounds like a pretty good month for you both despite the plumbing problems and crazy schedules! Have a great rest of the week :)

  3. April is almost here. It is sure to be a great month. Spring is here.

    Classroom Companion

  4. Hi girls,
    Aww, loved reading about your highs and lows. I know how tricky it can be to get everyone together for a big event. We had a fabulous celebration of my parent's 50th wedding anniv. before my mom got sick. Love me some family time!! So glad to have seen you two on Saturday...love those things! Enjoy your break I know I am. xoxox

  5. Oh My! That kind of calamari sounds just horrible...I would not be able to do it!
    Conversations in Literacy

  6. Haha, I love that you "defriended" the dishes! I wish I could do that! Also, not vaccuming any more sounds reasonable. :-)

    Sounds like you guys had some fun highs this month! Thanks for sharing!

    Compassionate Teacher

  7. You guys are so loved... by me... and all the peeps in your life. Thank you for linking up.
    Here is what I know vacuuming is part of cleaning, and cleaning is of the devil!!!!!!!!!!!! Avoid it.

  8. I rarely see husbands doing dishes; you're a lucky woman! Anyway, I hope you're taking care of the plumbing problem. I've seen houses get torn apart simply because they've ignored the issue. You can take this as a DIY project, but consider hiring plumbers if your husband can't do it by himself.

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  10. First grade seems like lifetimes ago. You a very cute. Nice post :)
    On a mission for Skin Tightening.


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