Blogger Meet Up Hangover...

We are so hungover...

And, it's not from alcohol...We assure you.
These amazing Southern California Bloggers have that effect on us. 
For one whole day, we were drunk with Bloggy Bliss at our Southern California Blogger Meet Up yesterday. 

 Do you believe in love at first sight?
 We do.

In fact, the whole drive home we were chanting 
Kate, Katie, Christy and Tammy 
Sitting in a tree. 
Just like typical adult women first graders. 
These hostesses were not only wonderful party planners, they've become fast friends.
If you haven't discovered their blogs yet, do yourself a favor and click their adorable buttons below.   


Last year, our husbands made us give them our exact location coordinates and keep them on super secret speaker phone in our pockets when we walked in for fear we were walking into a trap set by the dreaded Craigslist Bloggy Meet Up Killer.

This year, they pushed us out the door with no curfew or numbers on speed dial!  What a difference a year makes. 
 These Kinder Gals have it going on! They are energetic, bubbly and we would be so lucky to teach first grade following them!
~Check out their blogs below~
Sommer Pride
Heidi Songs
Crayons and Whimsy 
Apples and ABC's  
Miss Kindergarten
Kindergarten Crayons

One of our hilarious blogging buddies told us first grade teachers always look like we're on crack.  
We're always racing around. 
No time to stop and chit chat. 

If you're a first grade teacher, you're probably laughing and nodding your head in agreement.

If you're not a first grade teacher, you're possibly concerned...
We assure you, this is the highest compliment.
First grade is a ton of work and we're always busy.  
Here is our posse of crack firstie addicts.
Traditions, Laughter and Happily Ever After
Teacher to the Core
Dragonflies in First
Fluttering Through First Grade ~ You're Here...Welcome. :)
Coloring Outside the Lines 
 One group we love to chat with is second grade! We love to hear where our kiddos go when they fly from our room.
Send them some 2nd Grade Sugar...
We love networking with all facets of education. These lovely ladies share their passion for teaching in such creative ways.
Michelle and Layla have been friends forever. 
They are so cute and fun to chat with always. 
Layla was our fabulous 4th Grade teacher blogger.

We were even fancy enough to have the Executive Director of the Southern California Kindergarten Conference in attendance. 
We have never heard of this conference, but are so excited to check it out! Click {here} to check it out too.
Our next hangout cannot come quick enough and was the perfect start to Spring Break!

Fluttering Through First Grade


  1. I'm so sorry I had to miss the fun :(
    Hope to see you both next time!
    First Grade Found Me

    1. We hope you make the next one too Chrissy! It's a great group!

  2. It was so nice to meet you both yesterday. I had such a great time and can not wait until the next one. I hope you have a great spring break.

    A Basket Full of Apples

    1. So wonderful meeting you too Katie and having a new blogger buddy! We are ready for the next meet up already-beach day? Summer?

  3. I am a CA follower not a blogger but it is nice to see the faces all together that go with the names. Glad you had a Blast!

  4. What can I say? That was the best time ever but look at all the changes you guys have gone through in such a short time. You are no longer the new kids on the block and have become rock star bloggers. I have never laughed so much or had so much fun. Can you imagine us in the same building? Oh and by the way are you arranging the next meet-up? Just kidding...

    1. Ya know, rock stars do have that lifestyle... Gez, we have to stop with the crack talk-people may wonder! We do think we are all just a tad insane and really need to start our own compound! Double Hugs Fran!

  5. I am so bummed I miss this (and you ladies!) Looks like it was lots of fun!!!!!! :)

    1. You were so missed Sandy-you are our original Meet Up Mate! We hope you're feeling better and will have to do a summer meet up so we can get together!

  6. OH GIRLS! I am soooo jealous you are on the opposite side of the country! I would LOVE to do this!!!! I am so happy you had such a great time and met some fabulous new friends!
    And my outburst of laughter hit a high note and woke the fiance up from his nightly slumber! How funny is it that I walk around school in "attack" mode and get the same comments about needing medication for That!!! Only first grade, right ladies!?
    Ms. Marciniak's First Grade Critter Cafe

  7. It was great to meet you guys!! I just love my flower note pad- Thank you!! ! I'll be waiting for the post about how to make these myself soon.

    Crayons and Whimsy

    1. So great meeting you too Christy and we knew you'd be great just by your name alone ;)
      We just posted a step by step tutorial on our notepads. They are easy peasy!

      Notepad Tutorial

  8. I was soooo sad I couldn't stay longer. That darn bee guy was at my house all of 15 minutes! Grrrr. Had so much fun Saturday. We need to plan a full-day get together SOON! Thanks for the pad! Enjoy your spring break... and I'm only a tad jealous about that!

  9. You guys are funny! I'm in S. Florida, that's a whole different ocean! I'm hoping someone plans one of these bloggy get-togethers in my neck of the woods sometime soon!

  10. Oh girls, I was there in spirit! Would have loved to meet ya face to face!!!
    Those notepads are to-die-for.
    Hugs upon hugs - Lisa
    Growing Firsties

  11. Thank you so much for the cute notepad! You ladies were so fun to chat with! :) See ya at the next bloggy meet up!

    Sailing into Second

  12. Second Grade Sugar... I like the sound of that. I will start asking my kiddos, "Gimme some Second Grade Sugar!" They will probably stare blankly at me, but I will be laughing on the inside. A new attention getting technique, perhaps? You ladies are the bomb-diggity. I had the best time! Thanks for the notepad. I took two. I won't keep it though, I'll give it to another non-blogger friend.

    Love you both!!

    Second Grade Sparkle

    1. We will send you the bill for the extra notepad ;) Thank you (and Katie too) for all your planning efforts and putting the whole shindig together. It was Auh-maa-zing! We love our new bloggin buddies!

  13. Hi there, Ladies!
    I'm your newest follower! Awesome post! I don't think the Missus (Katie from Teacher to the Core) has come down from the high she got from this meet up. It was a love fest! Glad you all had fun!
    Justin- Writing Pad Dad
    Writing Pad Dad Blog
    Writing Pad Dad on Facebook

    1. Ahh thanks Justin! We feel the same (being on spring break might be helping the high as well!). It's so wonderful to be inspired by these amazing bloggers! We are ready for the next one and to keep your wife out until the wee hours of the night!

      ~Christy & Tammy
      Fluttering Through First Grade

  14. Listen I have a plan.... it involves all the above all over again! Are you in??? I had so much fun with you! I do believe in love at first sight! Seriously! K-I-S-S-I-N-G, melt my heart, I want to see you blow out the candles on your birthday cake kind of love!

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