Highs and Lows Linky

We're linking up with Teacher to the Core for this month's Highs and Lows.

Christy's High: 
Getting 23 people's crazy schedules together to celebrate her hubby's parent's 50th Wedding Anniversary! Such great family time! 

Christy's Low:
In a week's span, we had 2 living wax museum presentations, 1 women in history report and speech, and 2 science fair experiments and presentations. That's 7 days people. This is when having twins hurts double!
Saturday brought 7 different sporting events. Not to mention that I wasn't even around (bless my hubby) because of the So Cal Bloggy Meet Up {read about it here}. The planning part of getting everything arranged was no small feat!

Tammy's High:
My family took a much needed day away at a local gem we just discovered! We sat. We laughed. The kids ran the grounds, playing soccer and paddle boating the day away. It was wonderful. 
My son, who has been obsessed with the show Man Vs. Food, kept us all laughing by instigating his own calamari eating competition. It was his first time trying the full octopus body kind with the tentacles and head, not the rubbery ring kind, or whatever you call it. Something his Mom will NEVER do, but he did it, plugged nose and all. It was well worth the $1 bribe from his Grandad...
And bragging rights.  
 Tammy's Low:
The newly remodeled home we purchased 9 years ago isn't really so newly or remodeled anymore.
Within days of each other, we had a major plumbing, then electrical problem.
The electrical problem happened when I was vacuuming.
Some see this as a problem.
I see this as a complete solution. 
Vacuuming should never be done again.

The plumbing problem happened when my Hubby was doing the dishes.
 Yes, he does dishes and I love him for it because I defriended the dishes ages ago.
Except, this problem gave him the cuh-razy idea that it was because he was doing the dishes and if I were doing them it wouldn't have happened. That is just crazy talk...Back me up people. 

There you have it!
Our Highs & Lows.

Before you go...Did you see our Spring Giveaway below? 
Scroll down or click {here} to enter. 
3 Winners will be announced this Friday. 
Good luck!
Make sure to head on over to Teacher to the Core to check out some other Highs and Lows.


Spring Giveaway & Notepad Tutorial

Day One is Done...Poof...
We think we might have a problem settling into Spring Break.
Do you ever feel like the second you get some time off from school you kick into high gear doing other things? 
No, you don't...
You're lounging on the beach in Hawaii for Spring Break...
Eh, Hem...Sorry...Never mind...
That may just be the first grade teachers on crack thing again.
If you don't know what we're referring to, please scroll down to yesterday's post. We certainly do not need any vicious rumors circulating around here.

We've been busy little bees so far...
We figured just pretend we're at school for one or two days and get it all done, so we prepped all of our Spring Centers, which we'll fly into next week when we return from Spring Break. 
 We've just introduced Fact Families, so this activity will give them some interactive, and much needed practice with those addition facts!  
Like our Fall into First and Frosty in First Grade Units, their sister unit has Spring Words, a "Spring is Here!" mini book and Fluency Building Bookmarks to practice reading, reading and reading some more! 

 Caterpillar Addition will give them continued practice with the Common Core Standard of adding three numbers. Many of our kids still need manipulative support with this skill, so we found some little plastic flowers called, "Table Scatter" at the Dollar Tree. We renamed them, "Caterpillar Crap"...Not really, but the C's go together and that is important to us firstie freaks fanatics when naming things. If you're a first grade teacher, you completely understand the need to rhyme all the time. See? Told you...

 The digraphs just won't die. 
They keep showing up in everything we read. Everything we write. Everything. 
If we hear one more of our little cherubs pronounce "th" "tuh-huh", we're going to fly far, far away. 
Seriously, we're butterflies. 
We can fly away...Don't say it.
For this activity, they will match missing digraph sounds to word cards and record on one of two differentiated worksheets. We realize some of our kids will blaze through this, so we will have those speed demons record the entire word, while some of our kids will only be able to handle writing the digraph itself. 
We like choice and feel like at this time of year we have to meet lots of different needs while still exposing them to the same standards.  
 We're giving away 3 of our Spring into First Grade Units to 3 Lucky Winners! 
Keep Reading...

You've asked and asked, and we've procrastinated long enough finally delivered. 
Here's how to make those fabulous notepads you're seeing from our Blogger Meet Up.

These are the easiest thing ever and always pack the perfect present punch...
Not really a punch, like you would punch someone with them. Don't do that, please. 
And, don't throw Kool-Aid either. That stuff stains. 

With just a few easy and inexpensive supplies, you can transform notepads from drab to fab in no time! They are perfect for Teacher Appreciation, Mother's Day, or just because you're tired of writing on ugly notepads. :) 
You can use any kind of scrapbook paper for any occasion and there are tons of embellishments out there, so get creative!  
If you do, send us some pics. We'd love to see! 

Just because we're in a happy Spring Break mood, we're giving 3  notepads like the ones you see in the pics above to our 3 winners too. You can keep them all for yourself or share with a friend. We'll snail mail them to you...Maybe with a card...That rhymes of course.
Keep Reading...

We're also throwing in our April Sharing Pages just because we know lots of you are going to need them, plus just to kick us out of our procrastination pile, we're giving away our newest product, Fluency Building Bookmarks & Comprehension Cards too! You're going to have to trust us that these are fabulous. We'll tell you that we've used them for years and our kids adore them! They're perfect for this time of year. They aren't up in our shop yet, but will be today...or tomorrow...Because you've just kicked us into gear to get them done today...or tomorrow!

Enter the Rafflecopter below for your chance to win
Fluency Building Bookmarks & Comprehension Cards


3 Handmade Notepads from Fluttering Through First Grade.

3 winners will win all of the above and be announced here on Friday. 
We're making it as easy as 1-2-3
Enter the Rafflecopter below.
Good luck! 

Now, back to Spring Break... 

Blogger Meet Up Hangover...

We are so hungover...

And, it's not from alcohol...We assure you.
These amazing Southern California Bloggers have that effect on us. 
For one whole day, we were drunk with Bloggy Bliss at our Southern California Blogger Meet Up yesterday. 

 Do you believe in love at first sight?
 We do.

In fact, the whole drive home we were chanting 
Kate, Katie, Christy and Tammy 
Sitting in a tree. 
Just like typical adult women first graders. 
These hostesses were not only wonderful party planners, they've become fast friends.
If you haven't discovered their blogs yet, do yourself a favor and click their adorable buttons below.   


Last year, our husbands made us give them our exact location coordinates and keep them on super secret speaker phone in our pockets when we walked in for fear we were walking into a trap set by the dreaded Craigslist Bloggy Meet Up Killer.

This year, they pushed us out the door with no curfew or numbers on speed dial!  What a difference a year makes. 
 These Kinder Gals have it going on! They are energetic, bubbly and we would be so lucky to teach first grade following them!
~Check out their blogs below~
Sommer Pride
Heidi Songs
Crayons and Whimsy 
Apples and ABC's  
Miss Kindergarten
Kindergarten Crayons

One of our hilarious blogging buddies told us first grade teachers always look like we're on crack.  
We're always racing around. 
No time to stop and chit chat. 

If you're a first grade teacher, you're probably laughing and nodding your head in agreement.

If you're not a first grade teacher, you're possibly concerned...
We assure you, this is the highest compliment.
First grade is a ton of work and we're always busy.  
Here is our posse of crack firstie addicts.
Traditions, Laughter and Happily Ever After
Teacher to the Core
Dragonflies in First
Fluttering Through First Grade ~ You're Here...Welcome. :)
Coloring Outside the Lines 
 One group we love to chat with is second grade! We love to hear where our kiddos go when they fly from our room.
Send them some 2nd Grade Sugar...
We love networking with all facets of education. These lovely ladies share their passion for teaching in such creative ways.
Michelle and Layla have been friends forever. 
They are so cute and fun to chat with always. 
Layla was our fabulous 4th Grade teacher blogger.

We were even fancy enough to have the Executive Director of the Southern California Kindergarten Conference in attendance. 
We have never heard of this conference, but are so excited to check it out! Click {here} to check it out too.
Our next hangout cannot come quick enough and was the perfect start to Spring Break!

Happy Spring!

We told ourselves and Mother Nature that Spring could not spring today until we finished our latest unit! 

Something about working under the pressure of the entire Earth's season changing to really kick these Girls out of hibernation! But, we did it! 
Spring into First Grade ~ 
Common Core Math and Literacy Activities for the Season 
is our 3rd Mega Pack installment for the Spring Season! If you liked "Fall into First Grade" and "Frosty in First Grade", we think you're going to adore Spring into First Grade.

15 Activities jam packed with extensions, variations and differentiated worksheets to meet all levels of learners at this time of year. 

We're still a little sleepy from our hibernation, so we'll let a few pictures do the talking...

We cannot wait to introduce these activities to our class after Spring Break!

Click the pic below to hop over to our TpT Store and check it out.
Happy Spring!

What's Up? So Cal Blogger Meet Up!

Meeting up with local bloggers is the BEST part of this adventure! 

T-Minus 1 week until us So Cal Bloggers wreak havoc meet up for an afternoon that's sure to be anything but quiet!
We always have so much fun together!

Our great friends Kate & Katie are the Vanna Whites of this shindig, so if you're a So Cal Blogger, head to their blogs for the details.

Not sure?
Don't worry, we're not weirdos. 
Here's some blasts from past meet ups. 

Click the pic below to head over and RSVP ASAP.
Once you reply, they'll send you the location details. 
Hope to see you there!

5 for Friday!


And, you know what that means?
It's time to link up with our friend Kacey over at Doodle Bugs!

It was a beautiful week with a glimmer of Spring! 
And, you know what that means?

Spring Fever. 

We don't blame them...

We've got it too. 
Spring Break is only 
6 days, 14 hours, 5 minutes 
and 6.7 seconds...wait...6.2 seconds away. 
But, who's counting?  

Here's Our 5

To alleviate all symptoms of teacher fatigue Spring Fever, our class has been prescribed a heavy dose of Class Dojo.
Have you heard of it? 

Don't worry...
It doesn't have anything to do with martial arts or fighting rings. 
Focus, people...
We know where our tired teacher minds may be wanting to wander. 
But, rest completely assured...We've already confirmed...These things would be highly illegal at recess. 
We love the little monsters though. Sometimes, they make us feel better when our real students are acting the same. 
It's like confirmation. 
They smile at us.
 They feel our pain. 

Our class is completely mesmerized! 
They may have even been heard chanting, "Dojo. Dojo. Dojo"
Spring Fever we tell you...
We love the sound effects and love that we can reward positive and negative points instantly!
There are many features, including allowing student and parent access from home, but we're not that brave yet just going to keep it in class for now. 
We've bribed them.
15 positive points and they can create their own avatar.
Game On Monsters! 
Game On!
Click {here} to check it out.
February asks a lot of us, and only gives us 28 days to cram it all in. So, Dental Health learning had to sit on the back burner for a bit.
But, we made up for it this week by creating our annual tooth fairy drawings. We still need to paint them, but we love how their own personalities shine through! 
We'll post after pics of our finished bulletin board on our Facebook Page soon!
 We also sang our "Super Smile" song over and over and over again.
Disclaimer ~ We are not artists, painters or anchor chart makers. 
One may rename this song 
"Super Bad Botox Job" based upon our lip art alone.
So, to make up for it we just use a lot of colors and dance poorly to keep their eyes on us, not our art...

 The tune is to "Row, Row, Row Your Boat".

We had a class visit from the "real" dentist today. 
As opposed to the "fake" dentist, whom we really don't want to know about because that may make us an accomplice to something and we're still way too tired from report cards to get involved. 

We had to hold the giant fake mouth.
And, pretend to be plaque.
They shouted at us, 
"Sugar Bugs, Sugar Bugs Go AWAY!"...like they really meant it.
But, at least we don't have bad Botox jobs, so it was all good.  
And, it's Friday!
 Do you eat breakfast? 
We personally need to for a good start, but at this time of year it is getting harder and harder to scarf something down eat in the rush of a school morning
Until now...
We stocked up on our new favorite oatmeal!
Peach Almond
They come in their own cups, perfect for throwing under the Keurig and scarfing down break FAST! 

We had a Spirit Day at school. 
They wore their clothes backwards, hats backwards, even their shoes on the wrong feet.
We thought it would be fun to let them sit backwards too. 
This was our spelling test. 
Our Dojo was peaceful...and nobody fell over backwards.

Pssst...Did you hear the BIG news?
We turned 1 today!
To celebrate we're throwing a super quick flash sale in our  
TpT Store.

Hurry, only a few hours left!
The sale ends tonight!

Be sure to follow our store while you're there to get the latest news on freebies and units.

Be sure to head over to Doodle Bugs Teaching to T.G.I.F. with some other fabulous bloggers!

Happy Friday Friends! 

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