Where We've Been...

We're still alive! 
We've been MIA, but we had good intentions. 
Tons to share. 
Even pics to prove it. 
243 pics to be exact...
100th Day of School. Valentine's Day. Field Trip. Talent Show. Snack Sale. Twins Day. Wonderful Weather Unit. Wonderful Weather Show Performance...
Sorry, we're going to have to stop there and take a Tums or 10 2...Our tummies are beginning to churn again...
The above list was just the past 2 weeks...and that's just the school list. 
Do you ever feel like this? 
We asked some local hamsters and they just kept running around and around on their wheels...
We took that as a definite, "YES!"
It's normal...Right?
Is it just that time of year?

It's been bad folks. Too busy even for our own tastes. Our sweet blogging friends started sending out Search Parties, life rings, and dogs. Well, not dogs...But, that would have been nice. If they were puppies. That needed rescuing...Maybe Labs? Not vicious biting dogs or anything...that wouldn't be so nice. But, thank you friends for checking in on us. We're baaaaack...Not like Poltergeist, we hope...
 Doesn't it just scream PARTAY? 
The kids actually loved it! 
And, some of them even wore red...
For Valentine's Day the Red Party we think!
We clearly heard the words, 
"We love strawberries." 
"Apple Slices? This is the best Red Party ever!" 
come out of our their lovely mouths. 

We ate red foods and played a few games in class, passed out our Valentines and off they went! 
Love was in the Air...momentarily...

Our brains runneth over with life To Do's...

Home Painting Projects...
Making Team Softball Banners...
 And Hair Ties...
And Homemade Valentines...
Semi-Homemade Valentines...
 Mega Mustache Made Valentines...

AND (had to take a breath there)
Working on 3 separate State Projects with our 5th Graders, complete with homemade King Cakes, Dolls, Trifold Presentations and speeches...
By "homemade", we mean from a can...made in our home...
Thanks Pillsbury Dough Boy!
The point is, busy, busy, BUSY...
Too much for our tastes...

Just when we think we can give no more...
We're wiped...We're toast...We're done...
Life has a way of slowing us down...
Bringing things to a halt...Whether we want it to or not.
Everything is OK...
Christy's family had a little scare the other night when they found their 9 year old daughter unable to form coherent sentences, grasp objects, or even say her Mom's, Dad's or own middle name.
Not like her at all...And, to be honest looked like the symptoms of a stroke. Scary...
A few hours in the ER and a Cat Scan later, it was determined that she experienced her first major migraine headache...
Just like her Mama gets. 
 We are so grateful that she is okay...
Her smile reminds us that no matter how crazy life gets, family is what matters. 

These moments tend to bring out the calmest of waters in the craziest of times for us Moms. 
All the nuttiness just falls away, and the moment we find ourselves in with our family is what really matters. 

Sometimes we feel these times are ways of reminding us that all of the costumes and parties and cakes and painted rooms, and school projects...and...and...and...
They don't really matter.
It's just stuff.
And things. 
And To Do's.
And, they'll be there. Yep. They'll a.l.w.a.y.s be there.
And, none of it really matters in the big scheme of this crazy ride we call Life...not really.

We asked on our Facebook page how much time some of you spend in your classrooms over the weekends. We were surprised by the considerable amount of time teachers spend outside of the regular school day in their classrooms. Us included. 
Makes us shake our heads and say, "If they only knew..."

It's often hard to find complete balance between school, kids, marriage and life, but we're all doing the best we can. 

So, take some time to do something for yourself or your family. Put down the craziness because it will still be there when you're done enjoying some time doing the important things in life. 


Fluttering Through First Grade


  1. Oh I love the hair ribbons...how did you do them?

    Chickadee Jubilee

  2. I am so glad that Christy's daughter is ok. What a scare indeed.
    Your red day was definitely a PARTAY! Love the strawberries and homemade goodies!
    Thanks for the reminder at the end.
    I am taking this weekend off to spend with my family.
    No computer for 2 days...yay!
    Hugs to both of you!

    1. Good for you Julie! We all get crazy busy and need to take time to hit the pause button. Have a lovely time with your family!

  3. Great post! I agree...I just have to practice what I preach and take.a.break. Looks like you guys have been having tons of fun!! I am so glad that Christy's daughter is fine. Migraines are no joke...so terrible for a little girl to have.

    Mrs. Wheeler’s First Grade
    Mrs. Wheeler TpT

  4. Glad to see you back! You have been beyond busy! Love the hair ties! I remember several years ago when my 17 year old had her first migraine. We thought she was having a stroke too. Her symptoms were similar. Her whole left vision was black too, like everything was cut in half. The not forming correct sentences is so scary too. They are just too young to have to deal with this aren't they. :( Thankfully she had learned to recognize symptoms pretty quickly and can take her prescription meds and that usually helps! I hope Christy's little one doesn't suffer from one again! Try to have a relaxing day in there somewhere!

  5. Yikes!m yep we are all feeling it!

  6. So glad it wasn't more serious for Christy's little one. I completely agree with you about being busy and having to find the balance. That's why I love the "timer and checklist" Kristi and I have been experimenting with. It has definitely helped me be more focused at school so when it is time to be leave, I can do that without looking back and focus on my family!

    Teaching Little Miracles

  7. I'm so glad you are back and not in a Poltergist way. :) I've missed your posts. I agree that our own kiddos have a way of letting us know that family really is what's most important in this crazy, busy world we live in. I do have to say, that I spend a little less time at school on the weekends now that we are departmentalized. (that doesn't mean I'm not working at home in it's place....a little sometimes lot) :) It's been nice to not feel like I HAVE to get in there every.single.weekend.

    Happy thoughts your way!

  8. Funny that life gets in the way :D Thank goodness it does! That's where all the memories, joy and important things are! Glad Christy's little one is ok. What a scare!
    The banner, ribbony bows, valentines and even the strange little king cakes all look fabulous AND time-consuming. I say you deserve a VERY relaxing weekend!


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