We're Having a Red Party!

We love all colors. 
Really we do. 
We're equal opportunity color connoisseurs...
But, when it comes to February, Mr. Red definitely steals our hearts. Don't tell our husbands. Though, something tells us they aren't really overly threatened by Roy G Biv...

Truth be told we LOVE it when Valentine's Day falls on a weekend  celebrating Valentine's Day in class.
This year, we adore it because the day after is a school holiday! 
The kind where not even the teachers have to go.
Thank you Mr. Presidents...
And Roy...we love you too.  We're not cheating...
We're having a Red Party!
We just know our class V-Day bags will be stuffed with stomachaches sugar, so we cannot bring ourselves to contribute to the rush...
We'll rely on Nature's Sugar (Oh geez, did we seriously just say that?!?) to show our love for our class.

Along with passing out our Valentine's cards from home next week, which as you may or may not know takes a loooooong bit of time with the Littles, we'll be having a very short Red Party!
This is pretty much all about working whilst eating red foods, which we love. Eating...not necessarily red foods. 
White foods kinda gross us out, but we won't go there...stomachaches...

We will also show our love for one another by creating and playing Friendship Four in a Row
Our class will spend several days before the V DAY creating their own game cards.
We will allow them to choose 8 classmates to draw and write their names, then have them choose other vocabulary words relating to friendship for the other squares.
Some words we used were laugh, help, friends, play, share, kindness, love, and pals...
Yes, pals...
That little pest word is included in our upcoming reading assessment and the kids always have the hardest time with it. 
It comes out "plass"...
We wonder what is a "plass" exactly? 
And, where do you get them? Do we want one?
And, how many "plasses" do they have? 
We try to paint pictures in our minds, but it goes in all sorts of wrong directions. 
So, instead of continuing this "plass" torture curiosity, we'll play with the word pals now in hopes they get it then!

If you're like us and you've been sitting on your "plass" February is already flying by, we're here to help.
Grab your own Red Party & Friendship Four in a Row {here} and pretend you LOVE yourself some class Valentine's Day too!
You can find February Freebies GALORE on  
Click the heart above to head there now. 

Fluttering Through First Grade


  1. Your friendship four in a row is adorable! Can't wait to use it! The kiddos will love it!
    Thank you for sharing!!

    1. I forgot to ask...Did you do the 100th Day pictures with the app??

  2. You are so good! I have all kinds of crap being sent in!!! I am doing this red party next year for sure. I am excited to play the game!!!! Super cute! Thanks!

    Mrs. Wheeler’s First Grade
    Mrs. Wheeler TpT

    1. Valentine's Day started to become like Halloween with all the garbage that comes in. When we grew up we were stoked to get 2 conversation hearts in an envelope!
      They love the red party and think it's the greatest (even though they are actually eating healthy stuff)!

  3. laughing my plass off... Love you guys!
    Friendship 4 in a row... Fab idea!!!!

  4. Love these ideas ladies!! Very cute and fun for your kiddos! This is right up my alley too because we have that healthy kid rule in our district so no goodies right out in the open...ya know?!?
    Have fun!

  5. Your blog is too cute!! I love it! I'm your newest follower. Thanks for sharing!


  6. Your Red invite and supply list is gorgeous! This is my second year of pushing the healthy foods and the parents have been very accepting!
    We always eat our healthy foods at school and then we pack up all the sweet treats and send those home in a ziploc.
    Thank you for sharing your templates with me! Love them!

  7. This post had me cracking up. I can hear their little voices in my head... "p..l..a...plass?" Hysterical. And brilliant to add it to your V-Day game! Thanks for sharing that great idea! :)

    Second Grade Sparkle


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