100th Day Hag!

Look what blogging does to you!

Tammy's dear family had her convinced it was GREAT! 

Well, maybe she convinced herself and they just nodded in agreement like they're supposed to, but still they said YES! 

Christy loved it too. Well, it was her day off after all...So who wouldn't love it?!?

I wasn't so sure...I mean this is how it all started...

This was all I could find at the party store the night before. See that little note slipped in the front package? Not only did it save me 50% off the retail price, but I thanked the Good Lord above for having my back on that one. Missing Beard = Hallelujah, because there was NO way that was gonna happen. Can you tell by the capitals, bold, and underline of the word NO? I was very serious about the beard issue.
With the last minute score of the wig and missing beard set meant for a...Woman disguised as a lumberjack? Santa in Training? 100th Day Hag, I decided to seize the 100th Day of School! I owed it to the missing beard...And, my blogging buddies...And, my family and Christy too...I guess you could say I'm sort of a Giver like that...wink, wink.

When I arrived at school I saw none of our Firsties. 
No friends. Not a one.
Nobody dressed like a total hag, but me. 

It was awful. 

I felt like I was sitting on the wall at a middle school dance. Youngins' on one side Hag on the other...All alone...Party of 1...

I told my 3rd grade daughter that I didn't feel well and thought I would barf.  My stomach was in knots. What was I thinking?!? She quickly shuffled off to class, not stopping for a hug...

Once my tummy settled, I took our usual morning trip to the lounge to gather our mail, read daily announcements, chat with friends...

I stood in that lounge with my "friends" for 10 whole minutes and nobody even talked to me. 
Didn't say a word.  
Like I was the Walking Dead or something? 
I needed Tums. 
I seriously thought I was going to barf.
Finally I broke the silence and I spoke...
Can't even remember what I said...
Maybe "What the ?!?" "Good morning"?
Heads turned, Mouths opened. People flipped. Not literally...
They had NO idea it was me that whole forever 10 minutes. 
My stomach settled. 
I could breathe again. 
We laughed and laughed. 
It made for quite a fun morning...
The Hag and the Youngins'...chatting it up.
Still, a little part of me couldn't help but feel bad...That poor hag may have gone all day without any friends if she didn't speak up...Hug a Hag People...They have feelings too!

With a small slice of courage restored, the school bell rang. As I cruised around the corner, I found my Peeps! Many of them had dressed up like me and we had a blast posing for Paparazzi parents before the 100th Day began. It was so fun!

All was right with the 100th Day of School World again...
Well, everything until the  
100th Day of School Necklace Smashing Incident of '13 
Did you hear about it? 
Unlucky to say the least. 
My big old Granny shoes squashed those crispy critters to smithereens! 
Which for the record were totally dangling on the floor, off of the desk, in our walking area, exactly where the teacher said to not let them be. Just for the imaginary record...
Do NOT mess with a hag in her cankles panty hose. Just sayin'...

Other than the "Dress Up Like a Hag and Try Not to Barf because You're a Loner" and the "Fruit Loop Smashing Incident of '13", it was a fabulous 100th Day of School. 
We tried to keep with the status quo as much as possible by using our 100th Day Hoopla activities to keep them busy, busy!
They kept the kids focused, but still having fun on this milestone day. You can click the pic to check out our 100th Day Hoopla in our TpT Store. 
In the end, I was so glad I dressed up, and now lots of other teachers at our school want to dress up for the 100th Day next year, which makes for one Happy Hag...Plus, Christy will be working on the 100th Day of School next year, so I'm elated...HA.

P.S. Yes, I like using the word "hag"...Don't ask me why. My husband even called me a "hot hag" that morning before school...Which, for the imaginary record, completely crossed the line...But, using the word "hag" doesn't...Just sayin'...

Where We've Been...

We're still alive! 
We've been MIA, but we had good intentions. 
Tons to share. 
Even pics to prove it. 
243 pics to be exact...
100th Day of School. Valentine's Day. Field Trip. Talent Show. Snack Sale. Twins Day. Wonderful Weather Unit. Wonderful Weather Show Performance...
Sorry, we're going to have to stop there and take a Tums or 10 2...Our tummies are beginning to churn again...
The above list was just the past 2 weeks...and that's just the school list. 
Do you ever feel like this? 
We asked some local hamsters and they just kept running around and around on their wheels...
We took that as a definite, "YES!"
It's normal...Right?
Is it just that time of year?

It's been bad folks. Too busy even for our own tastes. Our sweet blogging friends started sending out Search Parties, life rings, and dogs. Well, not dogs...But, that would have been nice. If they were puppies. That needed rescuing...Maybe Labs? Not vicious biting dogs or anything...that wouldn't be so nice. But, thank you friends for checking in on us. We're baaaaack...Not like Poltergeist, we hope...
 Doesn't it just scream PARTAY? 
The kids actually loved it! 
And, some of them even wore red...
For Valentine's Day the Red Party we think!
We clearly heard the words, 
"We love strawberries." 
"Apple Slices? This is the best Red Party ever!" 
come out of our their lovely mouths. 

We ate red foods and played a few games in class, passed out our Valentines and off they went! 
Love was in the Air...momentarily...

Our brains runneth over with life To Do's...

Home Painting Projects...
Making Team Softball Banners...
 And Hair Ties...
And Homemade Valentines...
Semi-Homemade Valentines...
 Mega Mustache Made Valentines...

AND (had to take a breath there)
Working on 3 separate State Projects with our 5th Graders, complete with homemade King Cakes, Dolls, Trifold Presentations and speeches...
By "homemade", we mean from a can...made in our home...
Thanks Pillsbury Dough Boy!
The point is, busy, busy, BUSY...
Too much for our tastes...

Just when we think we can give no more...
We're wiped...We're toast...We're done...
Life has a way of slowing us down...
Bringing things to a halt...Whether we want it to or not.
Everything is OK...
Christy's family had a little scare the other night when they found their 9 year old daughter unable to form coherent sentences, grasp objects, or even say her Mom's, Dad's or own middle name.
Not like her at all...And, to be honest looked like the symptoms of a stroke. Scary...
A few hours in the ER and a Cat Scan later, it was determined that she experienced her first major migraine headache...
Just like her Mama gets. 
 We are so grateful that she is okay...
Her smile reminds us that no matter how crazy life gets, family is what matters. 

These moments tend to bring out the calmest of waters in the craziest of times for us Moms. 
All the nuttiness just falls away, and the moment we find ourselves in with our family is what really matters. 

Sometimes we feel these times are ways of reminding us that all of the costumes and parties and cakes and painted rooms, and school projects...and...and...and...
They don't really matter.
It's just stuff.
And things. 
And To Do's.
And, they'll be there. Yep. They'll a.l.w.a.y.s be there.
And, none of it really matters in the big scheme of this crazy ride we call Life...not really.

We asked on our Facebook page how much time some of you spend in your classrooms over the weekends. We were surprised by the considerable amount of time teachers spend outside of the regular school day in their classrooms. Us included. 
Makes us shake our heads and say, "If they only knew..."

It's often hard to find complete balance between school, kids, marriage and life, but we're all doing the best we can. 

So, take some time to do something for yourself or your family. Put down the craziness because it will still be there when you're done enjoying some time doing the important things in life. 


Fabulous Finds Linky for February!

Welcome to our 2nd Edition of Fabulous Finds! 
We love the idea of finding things that others have tried and loved. Link up below to share your Fab Finds for February!

Our first Fabulous Find is eos Lip Balm

95% Organic ~and~ 100% Natural
 A ton of different varieties:
Summer Fruit, Lemon Drop SPF 15, Strawberry Sorbet, Medicated Tangerine, Honeysuckle Honeydew, Sweet Mint, Pomegranate Raspberry
Find them at Target, CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid for a cheap $3~Costco has a 5-pack online for $14.99

While you're picking up your new lippy, grab our next Fabulous Find, Revlon Crazy Shine nail buffer (one stop shopping-we love that!).
Your nails will look like they have a clear coat of polish on without a drop of nail polish. They call it Crazy Shine-we think it's Crazy Cool! This is similar to the mall kiosk that charges $100 for their kit. But this is Crazy Priced at around $3-4.

And our last Fab Find is a little something for the classroom; Display Easels from the Dollar Tree.

We found these lil gems for a buck and they are perfect for our friends who have a difficult time transferring from a flat surface onto their paper. We also use them in our Workshop Centers when something needs to be displayed for a group activity like vocabulary words or something of the sort.

We would love to hear about the Fabulous Finds you have found. Link up below with us and share the Fabulousness!

*Our only request is that you grab the button at the top of this post and link directly back to this post from yours.*
Can't wait to see your February Fab Finds!  

We're Having a Red Party!

We love all colors. 
Really we do. 
We're equal opportunity color connoisseurs...
But, when it comes to February, Mr. Red definitely steals our hearts. Don't tell our husbands. Though, something tells us they aren't really overly threatened by Roy G Biv...

Truth be told we LOVE it when Valentine's Day falls on a weekend  celebrating Valentine's Day in class.
This year, we adore it because the day after is a school holiday! 
The kind where not even the teachers have to go.
Thank you Mr. Presidents...
And Roy...we love you too.  We're not cheating...
We're having a Red Party!
We just know our class V-Day bags will be stuffed with stomachaches sugar, so we cannot bring ourselves to contribute to the rush...
We'll rely on Nature's Sugar (Oh geez, did we seriously just say that?!?) to show our love for our class.

Along with passing out our Valentine's cards from home next week, which as you may or may not know takes a loooooong bit of time with the Littles, we'll be having a very short Red Party!
This is pretty much all about working whilst eating red foods, which we love. Eating...not necessarily red foods. 
White foods kinda gross us out, but we won't go there...stomachaches...

We will also show our love for one another by creating and playing Friendship Four in a Row
Our class will spend several days before the V DAY creating their own game cards.
We will allow them to choose 8 classmates to draw and write their names, then have them choose other vocabulary words relating to friendship for the other squares.
Some words we used were laugh, help, friends, play, share, kindness, love, and pals...
Yes, pals...
That little pest word is included in our upcoming reading assessment and the kids always have the hardest time with it. 
It comes out "plass"...
We wonder what is a "plass" exactly? 
And, where do you get them? Do we want one?
And, how many "plasses" do they have? 
We try to paint pictures in our minds, but it goes in all sorts of wrong directions. 
So, instead of continuing this "plass" torture curiosity, we'll play with the word pals now in hopes they get it then!

If you're like us and you've been sitting on your "plass" February is already flying by, we're here to help.
Grab your own Red Party & Friendship Four in a Row {here} and pretend you LOVE yourself some class Valentine's Day too!
You can find February Freebies GALORE on  
Click the heart above to head there now. 

Winner, Sale, and Five for Friday-Phew!

We've linked up once again with wonderful Kacey over at Doodle Bugs Teaching
for her Five for Friday linky. What a week! 
Anyone else exhausted?
Here's our 5...

#1 Fact Power Winners

#2 An Awesome Book of Love
Stumbled upon this book while browsing at Barnes and Noble the other day.
Have you ever heard of it? Us neither...
Read it. Loved it. Walked away. Shopped around...
Couldn't stop thinking about it.
Went back. Read it again. Loved it even more. Bought it for our kids for Valentine's Day. 

 #3 Number Cards
We know, simple little things.
But, so many possibilities...
Here's how we used them this week in class. 

Click {here} to get your Number Cards Freebie.

#4  "Got Blubber?"
Said no woman ever...

Though it made for really fun conversation in the lounge as we were preparing it.
We have seen it tried in a few classrooms out in Bloggyland, and just had to give it a try.
It tied in perfectly with our Polar Habitat learning.
We followed these directions from stevespanglerscience.com
What an amazing website! Whoa...science overload. We may acquire some blubber just exploring.
We tried to find reasons why this was hard to prepare, but honestly it took about 10 minutes and was a huge hit. 

 We told them to "take a dive in the Artic Ocean (AKA ~ blue bucket) in their swimsuit". Brrr! Except our tough boys. They didn't budge because apparently our ice water "wasn't even cold at all". Some might still be there if we allowed it.
Then, we invited them to "take a dive in their walrus suit (AKA ~ red blubber bucket)". 
24 post recess little hands in one bag of blubber...
Does it get any better than that?

#5 Sunday Super Sale
We are preparing for the Big Game on Sunday! Even though our Cowboys and Bears got hosed will not be represented, we will try and enjoy the festivities anyway. Stop by our store for the Super Sunday Sale and save 20% off everything in our store, PLUS TpT will add an additional 10%. Use Promo Code: SUPER when checking out.
*Our store will be on sale Sunday and Monday but TpTs promo is only for Sunday*
Thanks to Ashley Hughes for this cute sale button!

Remember, everything in our store will be on sale 
Sunday and Monday Feb. 3-4 
but TpT is only doing their 10% additional off on Sunday.

Have a fabulous weekend friends!

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