100th Day of School Hoopla!

The kids cheer,  
"IT'S THE 100TH DAY!!!"

The teachers cheer,  
'TIL SUMMER!!!!!!!!!!"

It is absolute cause for class celebration! 

The 100th Day really comes and goes with a POOF in our class! 
Or, we're just getting too old to keep up!
Whatever the case, we like to stretch the learning out a bit beyond the 100th Day and keep things as status quo as possible around this time of year.  We may have our sights on summer, but we can't lose them just yet!!

We've actually learned a lot as teachers about the 100th Day of School...
Some years we've learned the hard way...
We've learned... 
Some kids can handle building with 100 Legos.
Some kids cannot.
Some kids can build 100 cup towers.
Some kids cannot.
Some kids can look at a friend's giant brownie with 100 chocolate chips on it without "accidentally" touching the frosting.
Some teachers kids cannot.

But, rather than focus on what we cannot do, we've spent many years finding ways to celebrate the 100th Day of school the safe and sane way. In an effort to curb their excitement over coming to school for 100 whole days, and our EXCITEMENT that the last day is officially closer than the first day over being their teachers for 100 whole days (Yes, insert harp music...and swans...it's fitting...), we will spend a whole week in wild celebration deep 100 learning.
We've created, tweaked, re-created, and re-tweaked many activities over the years for the 100th Day of School.
For us, the activities have to be ones that keep our time very structured and of course meet standards too. :)
These are the ones that have stood the test of time...

Here's the Hoopla 
-100 Days Song Poster
-100 Days Song Fill-In
-100 Words Workmats
-100th Day Creation Home Project Letter
-100th Day Creation "Table Tent"
-100th Day Creation Writing Project
-4 Color 100 Grid Puzzles
-4 Black and White 100 Grid Puzzles
-1 Blank 100 Grid Puzzle (Make your own!)
-100 Days of Learning Class Book Cover/Bulletin Board Poster
-100 Days of Learning Writing Reflection with Primary Writing Lines
-100 Days of Learning Writing Reflection with Upper Grade Lines
-My Book of 100
-Word Building with One Hundred worksheet
-4 Sets of Color Word Building Cards
-2 Sets of Black and White Word Building Cards
We will be working through our 100th Day Hoopla!! before, during and after the 100th Day of School in our class. 
Click {here} to see it in or TpT Shop.

As part of our hoopla, we assign each student a
 100th Day Creation Project.
We give them 2 weeks at home to create anything out of 100 objects, then bring it back to present in front of the class. 
Only rule...They have to be able to hold it! 
Don't ask...

We talk about them, write about them, then set them up on their desks and invite other classes to come visit our 
"100th Day Creations Museum".  
Here's a few from over the years...We won't tell you how far back...
 Let's just say...We've eaten a few too many 100th Day brownies at recess celebrated a few 100th Days of School in our time.
Which basically means nothing more than...We're old. 
It's fine. 
We're okay with it. 
I mean we can't all be young forever.

In fact, our friend Vicky over at Traditions, Laughter and Happily Ever After made us feel better about this whole aging thing... 
She has her class dress up like they are 100 years old!
We nearly ROTFL when we saw it and we're giving it a try ourselves this year...because we're old... 
did you catch the Rolled On The Floor Laughing?!? 
That's young...

You don't need to answer that...

Instead, head on over to Sunny Days in Second Grade for Show & Tell Tuesday to see other 100th Day Activities!
Fluttering Through First Grade


  1. I love it, and I love that the focus is still on the standards while having fun. Thanks for the 100th day of school activities. Also, those projects look great...and I have to ask: Why do they have to be able to hold them? SO intriguing.

    First Grade Wolves

  2. So you guys had me laughing almost the whole time. Very cute and funny post my friends... and like I said I hardly had to draw in the wrinkles anymore. BUT you must ADD photos after you dress up. I can't wait. Thanks for sharing and of course for the SHOUT OUT! <3 ya gals!
    Traditions, Laughter and Happily Ever After

  3. Haha!!! Hilarious!! I love it!!!
    What are these brownies you keep mentioning????????

  4. I'm with you... despite dressing up and celebrating, blah, blah, blah - I'm thinking WOOHOOO we've passed the halfway mark!!!

  5. Oh ladies...thanks for the tip. I am getting up and getting everyone ready and out the door within the hour but will try it tonight. Crossing my fingers. THANKS SO MUCH!! xoxox

  6. Thanks for linking up to Show and Tell Tuesday!
    Im old too. When did that happen? I was always the youngest teacher on staff and then like overnight I'm having conferences with parents that are younger than me!!! Ahh!
    Sunny Days In Second Grade

  7. Our 100th day is right around the corner and... I'm always such a loser about doing stuff! Thanks for sharing all your great ideas for it! Your awesome pack is added to my wishlist. Score!

    I'm old, too. I think older makes you funnier! :) That's what I'm going for anyway. If I have to have crows feet, as least I can be funny. ;)

    Second Grade Sparkle


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