Currently it CAN'T be August...

Ok fine...we give up. It's UGH August {arms folded with a BIG pouty lip}. As much as we tried to stay in bed dug our heals in in an attempt to savor every last morsel of summer, we know the inevitable is here...

How do we know? 
It's time for Farley's Currently Again...
So Currently, we're NOT going to worry about the fact that it is the hottest it has been all summer and our classroom has NO air conditioning, which makes for less than desirable working conditions. No, we're NOT. 

 And Currently, we're NOT going to dwell on the thought that going back to school in the middle of August, when it's hot enough to melt shoes to the blacktop, is a terrible idea. No, we're NOT.

And Currently, we're NOT going to freak out at the state of our classroom. No, we're definitely NOT going there... 
So, instead here's what we're Currently doing... 

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And now back to our regular broadcasting...
Olympics = WOW! I am just in awe...
This is about as close as I'm getting to the Summer Games...
My mother-in-law was in England for the torch relay and brought us back her empty coke bottle from when they passed through the town she was in. They were made just for the torch run, and what was her trash is now our treasure. We've been displaying it proudly above our tele ever since.
Dallas Cowboys Training Camp = LOVE! Did I seriously just say that? Let me explain...
My husband has been a Cowboys fan since birth childhood. One of the first family activities to hit our summer calendar each year is the Dallas Cowboys Training Camp, which takes place in sunny CA. 

It is the day each summer that I take one for the team. The day I pretend to understand love football, but if I must tell the truth...         I hate it it's not really my thing. Shhhh...

But, even I might be converted after this year.
Yes, that's Quarterback Tony Romo and my guy in the Austin  jersey at the back hoping for a chance...And, he got it! He was beaming from ear to ear and still days later keeps saying, "Mom, I was really lucky to get Romo's autograph. That was a really great day." {{love}} Little did we know, but our daughter was buried somewhere in there too and she came out with the big T-R scribble too!! So, Mom to Man...Thanks Tony!! 

B2S Must Haves = FINE! Wish this was Summer Must Haves, but Currently we're not going there...
Sigg Water Bottle
It just makes me drink.
Give me a pretty bottle and I'll drink anything. 
WAIT, that sounds bad...hahaha
I just mean, I really like them! 
I keep it under my desk empty and fill it up with WATER whenever I need.
No, this is not a shameless plug for our GIVEAWAY that ends on Sunday. :)
I had this picked out loooonnnngggg before.
I was given my own Thirty-one Gifts thermal lunch tote for the holidays last year.
I love this lunch tote!
It is big, insulated, and cute. And, feeling cute when you are stuck eating at school is important. :)
It holds a ton of stuff, and keeps all the food that has great intentions of being eaten on time cool until I eat it for dinner. You might be laughing, but I speak the truth.
See why I don't want summer to ever, ever, ever end. Ever.
Hello, Friend.
Well, we haven't officially met yet...But, we are so excited to meet you!
You will be given a name.
You will be talked to.
You will be loved.
You might even {earmuffs, Christy} get half of my BFF necklace if you do half the things I am drooling over in Bloggyland. {un-earmuffs}.
Christy and I went in on this purchase together...joint custody. 
I'm drafting a "legal agreement" as we might encounter some "spousal" disagreements on who gets to take it home with them. :) 
KIDDING...I will take it home all the time share.
So I did not spend my summer rubbing elbows with the Cowgirls Cowboys because in our house we are 
true die hard Chicago Bear fans-woot woo! 
The hubs and I did however, take a trip to Dallas and suffered through enjoyed a tour of the 
new swanky Dallas Stadium just to see what a $42 million JumboTron looks like! Of course, we didn't pass up the chance to snap a few pictures (me next to Tony Romo's locker-yes I touched it-neener neener) to share with our dear friends-jealous much?
A Bears fan in the Boys' house 

Now where was I (see 'wanting' on Currently).

When my boys were little bedtime couldn't get here fast enough, but that was due to pure exhaustion from chasing around youngins who were in constant motion. Now, it's just the time when the hustle and bustle stops and there is peace and quiet = rare in a house of 5. Just the beautiful pitter-patter sound of my fingers gliding along the keys stalking all your blogs. Need I say more?

I soooo miss my memory. I can remember names and faces from elementary school when I was 5, but cannot remember what I did yesterday. Am I alone out there? 
Wait...what were we talking about?

B2S Must Haves:
1. I admit it, I am a TOTAL crayon snob. Judge if you must. Ever since I was a little kid I seek out the fresh tipped lovelies to use. Doesn't matter if it's not the color I need, if it's tipped-it's mine. My sweet mother still buys me a brand new 96 count box every Christmas. She loves me!

2. Love the bright copy paper for beginning of the year for parent letters, class information, etc. The brighter the better!

3. Seriously my new best friend {Tammy's turn for earmuffs}. How much do you hate stapling bulletin boards or papers and the stapler slips, mangles the staple, and rips your paper or border? The Paper Pro One Finger is worth every penny.
And seriously you guys...You really only need one finger. 
Have you gotten your SWAG on? 
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  1. Tammy-LOVE the Coke bottle! My friend's mother was in Japan and she did not get the McDonald's glasses they were selling for the Olympics (she was convinced that they were also selling them here). My friend's still upset! Treasure your trash! :)

    Christy - I so totally agree with you and the Stapler! Can't live without mine! The only thing is when I use mine in the hallway, it makes a LOUD noise and sometimes when its real quiet, people will stick their heads out the door...embarrassing! :)

    Adventures in Second Grade

  2. LOVE this post!!!! I'M SO GLAD YOU GUYS GOT A CAMEO!!! You'll love it sooooo much!!!!!!!

  3. Christy- Go Bears!!!


  4. Hi Ladies,
    I’m your newest follower! I am a Newbie Blogger, so I appreciate all of the sharing of advice and ideas. I am going to do a 100 follower giveaway soon. If you'd like to participate, let me know. Come on over for a visit sometime. Thanks!
    Corinna :)
    Teaching Fabulous Firsties!

  5. I started following blog for your giveaway, but I'm so into it. =) I LOVE the Cameo...I'm having a hard time convincing the betrothed that it's a good use of money. Boys. (*Sigh*) Love the post!

  6. Christy... those are my favorite staplers!! So awesome, even first graders can use them. :D

    Tammy, I think I'm gonna cave and buy that Cameo. I feel like I should not be living without it. It's been in my shopping cart for about 6 months now! Sad I don't have a partner to go in halvsies with me :D

    You know... I haven't even stepped one foot in my room yet! I'm starting to get nervous. But it' sooooo dang hot and it's possible I could melt without A/C... or at least the 30 boxes of crayons I just purchased and need to take to my room might. ;)

  7. Umm I am obsessed with that stapler too!

  8. Love your style of writing - too funny! :)


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