A few more Homework Helpers

Thank you!!
We cannot thank you enough for all your sweet comments, emails, and requests for our new Homework Folders. Y'all seriously made our days, weeks, lives! We have been watching them mill around Pinterest the past few days, and each pin and repin seriously makes us giddy. It is so cool!
And, you have kicked our butts into gear. BIG TIME! Buh-Bye Summer Swagger, we're gettin' our Back to School On right after this nap!

We managed to squeak out 3 more Homework Helpers this weekend between BBQs, baseball games, and well let's just be honest...a few naps...Yes, naps as in those little things that we used to cherish in our B.C. (Before Children) days! The kids left with Dad for a bit, so we took full advantage. Oodles and oodles of Laundry, Dishes, Tidying, Cleaning Resting. We got a WHOLE 45 minutes. To ourselves. Uninterrupted. It was Heaven!!! 

Plus, Pinterest said it was okay... 
Loving this!

See...it doesn't say, 
"I'm a teacher. It's never too early to get 
all your laundry and dishes done in the summertime."

When we woke up, we had a vision and we got cracking...

We had several requests for a jungle/safari theme.
Our Wild for Learning Homework Folder is a fun jungle/safari theme for your Wild Bunch!
Lovin' the lil' monkey!

Camp Learn-a-Lot is for all those campers out there. Such a cute classroom theme and one we've seen out in Bloggyland and on Pinterest a lot. We have to admit, this one started off with a lack of inspiration, but it actually turned out to be one our favorites so far. Kinda digging that leaf behind the family letter...It's the little things...Like naps...45 minute naps...

Any pirate lovers out there? We got tons of requests for this theme and we think your Lil' Scallywags might walk the plank of homework with their Shiver Me Timbers Homework Folder.

 Next on the list movies/Hollywood, butterflies, and monsters. 

We've had a few requests for higher grades. We're thinking about it...Let us know if there is interest out there and we'll see what we can do.

We've also had a few technical questions and wanted to set the record straight with a quick

Homework Folder FAQ
(Frequently Asked Questions...
We know, it's summer. We're throwing your brain a bone.)

1. Where do you get the folders?
-We wait until the Back to School Sales {they're coming...eeeekkkk!} and then stock up on them. We have found them at Staples, Office Depot, Office Max, Target, Walmart...wherever we can. :)

2. Do you use the same color and theme for all your students?
-This is really up to you. We typically use one color for everyone, but in our overzealous school shopping have ended up with stragglers over the years. We have been known to purge our hodgepodge of colors when our drawer cannot hold any more. We just throw them all on the table and make it out like they have a RAINBOW of colors to choose from. They ooh and ahh...We can't bear to tell them they are getting sloppy seconds...Don't judge...

In regards to theme, we have only ever had one, so this is uncharted territory. :) With all these themes we're obsessing about creating, we are considering offering our class a choice this year.  Everyone is motivated by different things. If Johnny bleeds pirates and Katie is a rocker chick, then giving them some "buy in" by allowing a choice of folder may set them up for successful studies.  

3. Do you prep them all yourselves?
We do only because it is something we always put together over summer. Friends that stop by have come to expect that with every cup of summer coffee talk comes a glue stick. Sip and stick gals! 
They don't take that long and we work in batches~All the fronts, then inside left, etc.

4. How do you laminate them?

 5. If you laminate them, how do the kids use them as folders? 

We use a razor blade, box cutter, or Exacto (sp?) knife to slice the lamination along the top edge of the folder pocket. If you drag the cutter gently, it will just cut the lamination, not the folder. 

Cool, huh? :)

 Each kit comes with thematic printables to create your own folders. They were designed so you can pick and choose the components that best meet your class and students' needs. We like choices. :)

Here's what's included in each thematic kit~
Name Plates
Weekly Family Homework Letter
Daily Family Homework Letter
Color Cards
100 Words cards
Zaner Bloser Proud Printing Cards
D‘Nealian Proud Printing Cards
100 Number Grid & 120 Number Grid
Counting Coins Cards
Number Words Cards
Letter Sounds and Spellings        

If you're interested in these or our School is Cool!, Under the Sea, or Rock the Class!!! folders that we posted about here, they are all in our TpT Store now. 
We're still a little groggy, so let us know if we've forgotten any details or if you have more questions.
We adore your comments and love your questions. 

Thanks Friends! 
More to come... and we'll try not to nap...

Fluttering Through First Grade


  1. The Pirate one is on my wish list!


  2. These are great! I never would have thought to laminate for durability!!!


    Teaching Little Miracles

    1. Makes a huge difference. They last all year...other than those occasional "My dog ate it" or "It got lost in the lake" moments. You know they happen. So we make a few extras, laminate and keep them on standby. If someone needs another one, we just write their name in sharpie on top of the lamination. Works great!

  3. Thanks ladies!! Can't wait to see the movies/hollywood theme!! They're too cute!

  4. Pirates for 5th grade please!!

  5. Great idea! I was wondering if it is possible to change the words on the pages. i would definitely have to translate the parent letter for some folders and change the word list for kindergarten.

  6. Any plans to do a polka dot theme? : )


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