Earth Week Wildness

We feel like we hit the floor running Monday morning and are just stopping to grab a quick breath.  Only not like marathon or 10k running...No, more like one of those cartoon characters whose feet just keep spinning and spinning in place, never really getting anywhere kind of running.

After Friday's "Southern California Typhoon" (as we're calling it) hit our school, sweeping all control from our precious classroom, we had no idea what we would be walking back into come Monday morning, but we knew it'd be busy and maybe a little messy...
As usual...

We've been busy still digging our way out of Friday and into some fun Earth Week activities this week...Here's a peek at what we've done so far~

Have y'all heard about  
Field Trip Factory - Free field trips!
We discovered it last year, when we found this free field trip for our kiddos.  It's called "Speak Out.  It's Your Earth." The visit takes us on an eco friendly tour through a local supermarket and encourages children to make a positive impact on the environment.   So yesterday, in honor of Earth Week, we hit the streets with our 3rd grade Study Buddies...Come can't drive a big bus or cars during Earth Week, can you?  Walking is a great alternative!  This is where the term " free" field trip makes us wonder...Is it really free?  Don't all field trips come with some sort of cost? 

Have you ever walked 2 miles with young friends?!?  WE have...
The walk there.  Piece.of.cake.  One mile of pure hopping, skipping, jumping "Are we there yet?" bliss.

The walk back.  Notsomuch.  "Are we there yeeetttt?"  "Where's Our Schoooool?"  "Can you carry meeee?"  Oh, and our personal favorite - "I'm dying".  Oh the poor things!  But they made it!  And so did we...we think. 

When we returned from our trip, we spent the afternoon fluctuating between utter exhaustion and making these owls for Earth Week.
Whooo Loves the Earth? bulletin board for Earth Day

Remember Woodsy, the Owl? 
We thought we'd age ourselves a bit by going back in time...  We used Good 'Ol Woodsy the Owl's motto to create these lil' "I Give a Hoot" craftivities.  We brainstormed ways we don't pollute our Earth and the kids wrote about it. 
Earth Day writing and craft activity

Earth Day writing and craft activity

Earth Day writing and craft activity

Earth Day writing and craft activity
We made a body and writing template, gave the kids a choice of Earthy green, orange or red paper to trace their hands and raided our cake making supplies to recycle some old baking cups for the eyes.  They cut an orange beak and yellow feet to finish them off. 

Here are the supplies we used:    
Earth Day craft                                                                            
We've put the free directions and templates in our TpT Store if you are interested.  Please leave us some feedback in our store if you choose to download.  Thanks so much!

Click HERE to fly on over to our TpT store and grab yourself a free copy of our "I Give a Hoot" craftivity. 
Earth Day craft
Our "We Love the Earth" Unit is there too if you'd like to take a peek.  
Earth week lesson plans and activities
Off to see if our feet will hit the floor today or if we are continuing on the road to nowhere.
"Are we there yeeetttt?"  "Can you carry usssss?"  Ha, Ha...
Happy Earth Week!

Fluttering Through First Grade


  1. Hey there!! Just found your adorable blog through Pinterest. I am loving you owl bulletin board.

    Miss J
    Smiles, Crayons, and Endless Stories

  2. Hi Miss J,
    Thanks so much! So glad you found us. We've just found your blog too.:)

    Tammy & Christy

  3. Great post! I just found the owl craftivity on pinterest! I can't believe you made a 2 mile walk with firsties! Kudos to you two! I love your blog design...and happy to be your newest follower!

    One Teacher's Take

  4. Thanks Andrea and welcome! Love, love Pinterest...a lil' too much sometimes. :)

    I know...They were such troopers! It did help to have their 3rd grade idols holding their hands the whole way. :)

    Tammy & Christy

  5. You must have some FIT little ones now! Sounds like y'all had a fantastic field trip! I will be checking out that website now!

    Great {First Grade} Expectations

  6. The walk back was classic! Took us just a wee bit longer! We had a nice tight line on the way there, but on the way back we could park a bus in our gaps! We certainly could have all napped if we had the cots!
    It is a wonderful website and the best part about it is it's free! Thanks, Ellen!

    Christy & Tammy

  7. Those owls are adorable! I just found it through Pinterest and downloaded it. We are so making these next week! Thanks!


  8. Thanks so much Rachel! The kids got a kick out of the cupcake liners. Hope yours will enjoy them as well! Thanks for the comment :)

    Christy & Tammy

  9. Oh so cute! I mean clever and adorable just like the two of you!!!!!!!!!!


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