Sunday, January 31, 2016

100th Day of School

Hip, Hip, Hooray...It's FINALLY the 100th Day of School! Which we all know is "teacher code" for "More than halfway to summer!"
Here are a few of our favorite first grade ways to celebrate the 100th day.
Given a bag of cereal, some string, construction paper squares and a hole punch, you can literally keep them busy stringing 100th Day necklaces far into the 101st Day! We don't...But, you could...We give them enough time during our centers and provide plastic resealable bags for those who need more time (AKA to take it home). 
Writing 100 words is a week long challenge for our little 100 day olds. We enlarge the worksheet from our 100th Day Hoopla unit onto 11 x 17" copy paper. We make a huge deal about stepping up to the 100th Day of School Challenge of writing 100 words ~ 10 words per category. They don't believe they can do it, but they can and they do! We allow them to use our class word wall, spelling dictionaries, and any other place they can find 100 words! They love it and are so proud when they fill their 100 Words mat by the end of the week. We love telling them, "We knew you could do it!"
We keep a stash of 100 piece puzzles on hand for the week of the 100th Day of School. We realize this type of entertainment might be kicking it old school, but it gives our little oldies an opportunity to work together and exercise their 100 day old brains...Use it or lose it they always say! 
What could you eat 100 of? 
What would you never wish you had 100 of? 
Our class giggles at their My Book of 100 as they write and illustrate the pages. Each page gives them a chance to think logically and imaginatively as they write all about the number 100. 
Our 100th Day of School home connection is to create a 100 item project. We usually give our families 2 weeks to come up with whatever they'd like! We encourage home found materials rather than making a trip to the store. We are amazed year after year at the creativity of our classes! 
100 Daysss of School Snake T-Shirt
100 Olive Paper Pizza
100 Stick House
When the creations are made and returned to class, we spend time sharing them and writing all about how we created them. We hold a 100th Day Creation Museum and invite our 3rd Grade Study Buddies to come see our creations too.

Our 100th Day Hoopla keeps us busy learning with the number 100 before, during and after the 100th day of school. 
What's Included:
-100 Days Song Poster
-100 Days Song Fill-In
-100 Words Work Mat
-100th Day Creation Home Project Letter
-100th Day Creation "Table Tent"
-100th Day Creation Writing Project 
-4 Color 100 Grid Puzzles
-4 Black and White 100 Grid Puzzles
-1 Blank 100 Grid Puzzle (Make your own!)
-100 Days of Learning Class Book Cover/Bulletin Board Poster
-100 Days of Learning Writing Reflection with Primary Writing Lines 
-100 Days of Learning Writing Reflection with Upper Grade Lines
-My Book of 100
-Word Building with One Hundred worksheet
-4 Sets of Color Word Building Cards
-2 Sets of Black and White Word Building Cards

Dressing like we're 100 years old is one of our absolute favorites! It's easy too...Especially if you skip the pantyhose! 
Once we're all gussied up, of course we're going to write about it! 
 We create 100 year old portraits out of construction and scrapbooking paper. We provide cotton balls for hair and they draw facial features with crayons or colored pencils. 
We wrote about our futures with the following sentence frames.
When I am 100 years old, I will be ___.
I will have ___.
I may see ___.
It will or will not be fun.
If you'd like to have your class dress like they're 100 and write about it, you can grab our free family letter and writing templates below. 
Happy 100th Day of School!

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Sentence Writing Activities

Sentence building and writing are main ingredients in every primary classroom. Given the right recipe, our developing writers are cooking up a sentence feast! But, it's not always easy...So, by adding a dash or two of fun, our Sentence Chefs beg for the secret sentence recipe time and again in our classroom. Meet the Sentence Chefs! 
These cooking themed, differentiated sentence building activities include everything  to teach, reinforce, and enrich sentence writing in our classroom.
 We introduce our class to sentence writing by creating Sentence Chef hats, singing our Sentence Chefs song, getting to know our chef posters, memorizing our recipes for silver platter sentences and more. By the time we're done, they are practically begging for the secret recipe. As Emeril Lagasse would say...BAM! 
 We use color coded sentence building cards to help with easy organization. With 35 cards for each category (who, what, when, where), our class sentence writing center runs for months without losing its flavor. ;) For differentation, we use 2-4 of the sets, depending upon the level of our learners. 
 We print and laminate the "Set Your Sentence Plate" placemats with dry erase markers or print and copy the consumable worksheets for centers. 
 Once their word cards are picked, they're ready to set their sentence plate! They draw a quick picture of their cards and then write their sentence to go with it. Some sentences turn out silly, but it doesn't matter because the sentence writing is exactly what we're looking for! 
For high frequency sight word help, we provide Word Menus. We've included 3 versions for differentiation and growth throughout the school year. 
Here's What's Included
-Sentence Chef Hat Templates (Color and Black and White)
-Sentence Chefs Song Chart (Tune: "Muffin Man")
-Sentence Chefs Classroom Anchor Charts
*Recipe for Silver Platter Sentences
*3 Meet the Chefs Posters
*Silver Platter Sentences Ingredients Cards
-Sentence Building Cards 
*35 Who Cards
*35 What Cards
*35 Where Cards
*35 When Cards
-Sentence Plates Work Mats and Worksheets
Print and Laminate Work Mats for Repeated Class Use
*Who/What Work Mat
*Who/What/Where Work Mat
*Who/What/Where/When Work Mat
Print and Provide Consumable Worksheets for One Time Use
*Who/What Worksheet
*Who/What/Where Worksheet
*Who/What/Where/When Worksheet
-Differentiated Word Menus 
*Menu Covers (Color and Black and White)
*100 Sight Words
*200 Sight Words
*300 Sight Words
-Enrich and Reteach Work Mats and Worksheets
*Serve Up Some Details Worksheet
Print and Laminate Work Mats for Repeated Class Use
*Who/What/Where/When/Why Work Mat
*Who/What/Where/When/Why/How Work Mat
Print and Provide Consumable Worksheets for One Time Use
*Who/What/Where/When/Why Worksheet
*Who/What/Where/When/Why/How Worksheet

Does your class need help cooking up some scrumptious sentences? Check out our secret recipe, Sentence Chefs Differentiated Sentence Building Activities for Developing Writers
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